Dead Sea

May 27, 2016
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The Dead Sea is the saltiest lake in the world – the remains of the sea that once upon a time was linked to the Mediterranean Sea. The concentration of salt in it is 10 times higher than the salt concentration in the Mediterranean Sea, or 224 times greater than the salinity of the river Jordan – the Dead Sea’s final destination.

Diamond-shaped lake has the width of approximately 15 kilometers, a length of about 150 kilometers, while the depth is of over 300 meters, and the Dead Sea is the border between the Kingdom of Jordan and Israel.

It is also the lowest point on earth where one can enjoy a cold drink, as it’s over 400 meters below sea level.


In Hebrew, the Dead Sea is called the Salt Sea. In English, the name comes after the impossibility of living things to survive in it. Due to the high salinity in it, only creatures that actually can survive in its water are certain microscopic fungi and bacteria.

Dead Sea as a tourist destination

In the Bible, the Dead Sea is mentioned even in the time of King David, a thousand years BC. Today, the coast attracts most of all tourists suffering from various forms of skin diseases. In addition, the area has highly developed cosmetics industry, which incorporates in its products the salt and minerals from the Dead Sea. Probably thebest-known cosmetic brand is  Ahava.

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