May 25, 2016
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Haifa is the “most European” Israeli city.

There’s a great saying in Israel that describes three most visited destinations : “If you’re coming to Israel to pray,  then go to Jerusalem, if you’re coming to spend a great time and money, go to Tel Aviv, but if you’re coming to work –  come to Haifa.”

Today, Haifa is the city with the shortest subway in the world, beautiful beaches, colorful markets, museums, parks and large malls.

The diversity of religion

Haifa is proud of the diversity of religion and coexistence in the city and one of the few cities in which in one building Christians, Muslims and Jews live together.

Baha’i Gardens

Haifa is best known for its Baha’i gardens. And also, these gardens are reason Haifa is today on UNESCO’s List of World Heritage.

Along the northern slopes of Mount Carmel, in the heart of the city, the Baha’i Gardens stretch the length of one kilometer consisting of 19 terraces linked with 19 steps. In the middle, and the ninth terrace of the temple with a gold dome is the terrace where are burried remains of the prophet Bab’s. The exact place of the temple was determined by Bahá’u’lláh itself when he from Accra saw Mount Carmel overlooking the Haifa Bay.

Gardens show over 450 species of plants, mostly “domestic” ones and are maintained by around 90 volunteer Israeli and Baha’i gardeners. The gardens are funded exclusively by voluntary Baha’i contributions, and it’s not possible to make a contribution to the gardens if you’re not a believer. Total amount of the construction costs for the gardens are now even beyond $ 250 million while the annual maintenance is approximately four million dollars.

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