May 23, 2016
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Masada National Park since 2001 is on the UNESCO’s list of world cultural heritage sites. This spectacular city annually visits over half a million of tourists and it’s the most visited national park in Israel.

The story of Masada begins thirty years BC when King Herod the Great, the largest builder of Judea, decided to build himself a summer cottage on Mount Masada, nestled above the Dead Sea in the Judaean Desert.

This, probably most hedonistic emperor of all time, in this region in the desert, where annual rainfall is less than 200 mm, made some spectacular architectural achievements such as  the classic Roman baths, a huge warehouse full of food, private residence and a series of cottages for his escort and servants.

At this 180,000 square meters large area thanks to its outstanding architects, it was even possible to grow fresh fruits and vegetables.

The sunrise over Masada Walls

A visit to Masada is an extraordinary experience, whether you’re climbing up by foot on its famous “Snake Path” or going up there by the cable car. Perhaps the most magnificent moment of every visit to this national park is the sunrise over the Dead Sea seen from the walls of Masada… Truly unforgettable scene you have to check out… So…

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